Manage your properties, tenants, rent payments, and service requests from your laptop, tablet, or phone!


Collect Rent Payments Online

Your tenants can pay their rent online through PayPal! And for those that feel more comfortable writing cheques, you can still record their payments in My Property Now!

Manage and Respond to Service Requests

Your tenants can submit service request tickets where you can update and track its status as repairs are in progress!

Manage Lease-Related Document Templates

Use our template agreements and forms (e.g. lease agreements, pet agreements, and rent increase notices), or use your own, to eliminate all paperwork and filing!

Generate Management and Financial Reports

Quickly and easily generate financial reports, service request status reports, tenant reports, and much more - all at the click of a button!

Keep Detailed Records of All Properties

Attach all tenant-property documents to their profiles for easy access and file management!

Send Notices To All Tenants At Once

Testing the fire alarm system this week? Broadcast important news items all your tenants at once!



Your Properties


Your Tenants


Your Service Requests


Your Reports


Your Property Details


Your Tenants Rent Payments


Your Tenants Profile


Your Lease Agreement Templates

Our Team

Yvonne Khadra

Founder & VP of Sales

Yvonne started investing in multi-family properties immediately after graduating from the University of Windsor, however after her second property she quickly realized that she needed an online solution to keep up with her always "on-the-go" business and lifestyle so she decided to build her own online property management app.

Jackson Langlois

Founder & VP of Development

Jackson developed the first version of the My Property Now property management app and now oversees a team of 4 junior developers for all ongoing development.